Tuesday Snoozeday

Managed to get out of work on time and rescue my bike from the shop – and buy groceries! Time for a fancy meal.

Inspired by some dried porcini mushrooms – googled and eventually fell in love with Martha’s mushroom risotto.


While I was at this point ravenous – totally worth stewing the homemade mushroom stock – and it gave me a chance to finish Lexicon by Max Barry. SO excellent. And eat some roasted asparagus while waiting. Broil in the toaster with olive oil+salt+pepper for 5 minutes. Mmm.

Anyways. Trying to cook new things and document so here goes!

Delicious and worth the time investment. Less flavorful (read salty) than storebought stock which is probably healthier – but the depth? richness? of the flavor really is so much better than chicken stock. Not being pretentious/pseudo-fancy cook. I only added a teensy bit of romano it was so tasty. And I loooove to pile on the cheese.

Maybe next time incorporate some more veggies? Arugula or something? TBD.