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Grilling for Myself + Arugula Lovin

I love grilling. Thank my dad. And my new grill. And Weber chimney. Seriously. You’ll have perfect grilling coals in 5 minutes. Magic.

So in my search of something to cook for dinner (read: Google and Pinterest search for asiago recipes. uninspired. PinterestĀ search for arugula. success.)

Then I saw an asiago flatbread recipe. Which made me think why turn on my crazy hot oven in my crazy hot apartment (no AC up here in the North) when I could grill outside! And if I’m going to grill a flatbread why not grill some flatbread pizzas?

This is my go-to pizza recipe:

I’ve got it memorized. 4 ingredients. Takes under 10 minutes. Why people buy pizza dough confuses me.

Flatbread = pizza but the crust is cooked through first then topped. I added italian seasoning to my dough recipe for these also.

Grilled flatbread = thin rolled out dough (1/4″) grilled on both sides for 3-4 minutes or until bubbles appear.

Toppings for flatbreadĀ one: olive oil then shredded mozzarella (thin layer) then arugula (it wilts in the grill so pile it high) then freshly grated romano and parmesan and black pepper, and a drizzle of balsamic.

Grilling: indirect heat with the lid closed till the cheese is melty (depends on your grill mine took around 8 minutes by I rotated it twice to not burn the bottom of the flatbread)

Topping for flatbread two: olive oil + mozz + pepperoni. why mess with the classics. oh and a little garlic powder over the top. Same grilling as the previous minus some time since it had less toppings.

End result: be less impatient and burn less things. Also don’t make the salad while things are actually on the grill. My bottoms got a liiiiittle crispy. But still delicious. Oh and all cooking goes better with light-up stolen-from-Paris champagne glasses. Filled with champagne. FYI.