Freedom! and Fish!

I got off work on time!! For the first time in weeks so to celebrate I obviously grilled more things.

Like fresh caught cod!


Called my dad the grill master and with comments from my mother as well (picture my dad on the phone in our echoey kitchen repeating my mom’s advice that I can hear the whole time) and ended up with foil packets and lemon and white wine, with herbs. No complaints here.


Made a quick flatbread and arugula salad so go with.

Fish: 2 fillets of fresh caught cod

4 slices lemon

a few basil leaves

some rosemary

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

white wine (I used $10 Chardonnay and it was delicious)

Wash and dry the fish. Lay out two sheets of foil large enough to wrap the fish without any steam escaping. Garnish the fish fillet with fresh cut lemon slices and herbs, then drizzle with olive oil and white wine. Wrap tightly so the steam can’t escape and repeat with the other fillet. I did one with basil and one with rosemary. Couldn’t really tell the difference in flavor but it felt fancy. Each fillet should be foiled seperately. Grill 6-8 minutes per side over indirect heat (high heat in the middle of the grill, fish on the sides) with the lid closed. Be careful not to puncture the foil when you flip the fish and watch out for steam when you open the packets. Fish should be white and flaky – I used this recipe for reference.


Made a half recipe of my favorite pizza dough recipe and rolled it out long and thin. Topped it with salt and pepper and rosemary then rolled the seasonings into the top of the dough. Grilled the flatbread over direct heat in between my fish 3-4 minutes per side.

Arugula salad recipe is in that link also! New favorite salad. Made it three times this week.

Oh and I made a massive mess.