Another pasta recipe…

Ever roasted a red pepper? Soooooo much better than normal red peppers.

Then blend it up with some garlic and olive oil and toss with pasta – I added spinach and italian sausage.

I used this recipe for inspiration –



Curry Noodles

I’ve been seriously craving Thai. And I still had some noodles from making Pad Thai.

I saw this on Pinterest –

Mixed it with my other favorite curry sauce recipe –

So I added the peanut butter, fish sauce, and lime juice to the first recipe, as well as chicken and peppers instead of tofu. Super tasty.

Cooking with Beer is so much better than cooking without Beer

The Beeroness is a kick-ass chick with an amazing blog. Check it all out. ALL OF IT.

But here’s the actual link to what I picked out: Pale Ale Parmesan Cream Sauce (YES).

I made this saucy little number (heh) for a quick dinner after a fun but tiring weekend away so I would have lunch for work tomorrow – and now I have to struggle to not devour the whole pot.

I would use two cups beer and omit the cup of water next time- I used Hoegaarden and it was very subtle in the final dish.

I also added some nutmeg and served with some sausages I found in the freezer – mmm mmm good. Also beer. I’m not typically a white ale person, but it works well with the peas and cheese. I actually used romano and some gruyere because I just looked at the label and it was not parmesan. Still tasty. Cheers.

Penne and Broccoli

Quick and easy. Old family favorite.

(for two/leftovers)

1/2 lb penne pasta

1 head broccoli

2-3 cloves garlic

olive oil

parmesan (to taste)

Salt and boil water for the pasta. Cut the broccoli into bite size florets. Cook the pasta, adding the broccoli to the water 3-4 minutes before the pasta is done. Mince the garlic while the pasta is cooking and toss with the pasta and broccoli, as well as some olive oil after draining the pasta and broccoli. Top with parmesan and black pepper and enjoy! One of my favorite one pot, under twenty minute meals.


It is crazy hot in my apartment so I obviously decided to roast some red peppers. Also maybe because everything in my vegetable drawer is going bad before I can cook it. Like a red pepper!

Excellent blog name btw.

IMG_1482 IMG_1483

I broiled my pepper in the toaster oven for 15 minutes while the pasta cooked and sautéed my onions and sausage to avoid turning on the actual oven in this heat. Plus – faster! I also added some goat cheese after reading this similar recipe ( and it made the sauce so much better and creamier. Enjoy!

Cleaning and Cooking

Apartment is clean as a whistle so I obviously need to make something and dirty it back up, so why not some homemade gnocchi?

Found this online a while ago and its been waiting and taunting me in my bookmarks folder.


Less messy than anticipated, also less work. It may have been a perfect day – the recipe author led me to believe its different every time you make it – so I will let you know if it gets trickier. Longest thing is boiling the potatoes – don’t forget to cut them in half BEFORE boiling. And the fork to potato hash was also less daunting then when I read through the recipe. Kudos good sir excellent how-to.


I broiled mine to melt some cheese and pesto over the top so ignore the foil. Enjoy the tastiness.



Spicy and sweet


This summer weather has me in an eternal grilling mood.


Also my basil plant is finally leafy enough I can cook with it!


Found a recipe for avocado basil pasta that was simple enough to assemble on my deck while I grilled some Spicy Honey Chicken and salmon burgers I found in my freezer while looking for chicken and only finding one breast.

Recipes below – I grilled my avocados for some extra flavor and the chicken glaze was less messy than the recipe led me to believe so fear not! Did get some significant flare ups the next time I grilled though so burn it off before you finish grilling – or clean your grate unlike my lazy self. I also grilled some asparagus for a snack while I was cooking the rest of my dinner – easy and tasty and fast. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper and grill till bright green preferably rotating a few times without being lost into the grill.


Enjoy! PS goes well with an IPA and a view.