Chicken Enchiladas

Made without black beans or zucchini haha since I thought I had both at home and had neither – still super tasty.


Lazy Lunch

Quesadillas are my favorite lazy lunch. I always have some random jars of salsa in my fridge so the quesadillas can just be cheese and tortilla. No need for chopping or any effort at all really.


PS this meal provided entirely by Trader Joe’s apparently. That cilantro dressing is AMAZING also.

The trick is to use a large enough pan that the tortillas lie flat and not to use any oil or butter. That’s right! I know. But these are cheesy delicious enough I promise. Heat a frying pan to medium/high heat – put a tortilla in the pan, then cover with mexican blend cheese, then top with another tortilla. Flip after a few minutes, or when the cheese begins to melt, and brown the other tortilla. Serve immediately and enjoy – dip into some smoky salsa or verde sauce. Or super delicious cilantro salad dressing.