Month: November 2014

Cooking with Beer is so much better than cooking without Beer

The Beeroness is a kick-ass chick with an amazing blog. Check it all out. ALL OF IT.

But here’s the actual link to what I picked out: Pale Ale Parmesan Cream Sauce (YES).

I made this saucy little number (heh) for a quick dinner after a fun but tiring weekend away so I would have lunch for work tomorrow – and now I have to struggle to not devour the whole pot.

I would use two cups beer and omit the cup of water next time- I used Hoegaarden and it was very subtle in the final dish.

I also added some nutmeg and served with some sausages I found in the freezer – mmm mmm good. Also beer. I’m not typically a white ale person, but it works well with the peas and cheese. I actually used romano and some gruyere because I just looked at the label and it was not parmesan. Still tasty. Cheers.