Homemade Croutons and/or Garlic Bread

So I have an unfortunate habit of buying baguettes and not eating all of them fast enough before they get stale and un-chewable. Fresh bread is worth it. No regrets – and here’s why:

Garlic Bread – perfect for a loaf that a little stale and crunchy – the oils soften it up for normal chewing and tastiness

Mix freshly minced garlic (2-4 cloves) in olive oil and/or melted butter with italian seasoning (rosemary, basil, oregano, onion powder, etc) and red pepper flakes, and shredded parmesan cheese. The mixture should be clumpy more than runny but the proportions are extremely flexible. Slice the baguette either hasselback (across the length every half inch) or lengthwise, then place on a sheet of foil big enough to wrap the entire loaf. Stuff the open edges with the garlicky cheesy oil mixture – its ok if it gets all over the bread thats why the foil! Wrap all of the loaf and throw in the oven for 10 min or as long as your meal is cooking at roughly 350 but basically any temperature is fine. The longer it bakes the better but it also will basically never burn just get more melty (we left it in at a friendgiving for almost an hour as it got hidden behind a casserole – no problem). Watch for steam when opening the foil – slice and enjoy!

Croutons – if you don’t feel like garlic bread or the bread is too far gone

Based on this recipe

Cut up the bread into bite-sized chunks, marinate in olive oil and italian seasonings and garlic – she calls for longer than I’ve really let it marinate – I usually just toss it in a tupperware with a lid and let it sit until the oven preheats. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes – they do get a bit crispier after you take them out FYI. Toss into a salad or keep for up to a week? That’s the longest mine have lasted – a good incentive to make a salad.



My roommates have officially indoctrinated me into the culture of buffalo sauce. Once someone makes something with buffalo sauce (which with them can be basically anything) you can’t help but crave buffalo.

Thus – this quick and tasty sandwich.


Basically your typical buffalo sub, which is great to order in, except when there’s 5 feet of snow outside. Woohoo Winter 2015.

So this is french bread, sliced in half, stuffed with chicken nuggets – cooked and then dredged in buffalo sauce – plus cheddar plus blue cheese dressing plus lettuce – additional toasting and sauce optional.

Snow can stop no man from their buffalo sub lovin. Franks is the best.

Dinner with sides!

You know you’ve made a fancy proper meal when it has more than one item AKA sides!

This is an easy one that you can make in the time it takes to boil pasta or bake chicken.

Sauteed mushrooms and spinach with garlic –

exactly the ingredients above, plus olive oil for sauteeing and fresh pepper and salt to season

Saute mushrooms (sliced) in olive oil for 3-5 minutes or until soft, then add the spinach and minced garlic and stir until wilted – remove from heat and serve!


Pictured here with a tasty Sauvignon Blanc and Penne and Broccoli

I love pigs.

Mini-bacon&cheddar-wrapped pigs in blankets.



For the mini part buy the super tasty “Lil Smokies” hot dogs, or you can cut up larger ones (I guess).

Mini part two – cut Pillsbury crescent rolls in half (which turns one quadrant (two triangles) into eight triangles) because of geometry –


I pre-cooked my bacon so I wouldn’t have to worry about burning the crescent rolls and undercooking the bacon.

Assembly – Wrap a crescent triangle around a Lil Smoky with bacon and cheddar near the wide side of the triangle. Bake according to the package or until the crescents are golden brown – serve immediately!

Pizza pizza

Using the oven makes my apartment waaaaay warmer – so obviously pizza time.

Used my trusty pizza dough recipe – made two pizzas.

Pepperoni and Sausage:

– spread olive oil over the rolled out crust, rolled super thin, 1/4″-1/2″

– sprinkle with mozzarella

– cook some spicy italian sausage, crumble over top of pizza

– sprinkle with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and basil/rosemary

Sausage, Red Onion, Goat Cheese, and Balsamic

– olive oil over thin crust

– mozz

– crumble italian sausage, then diced red onion, then goat cheese

– top with black pepper and drizzle with balsamic

Bake both at 500 until cheese bubbles, 7-10 minutes. Enjoy!

More asian food!

Winter. Pretty. Also frigid. Here’s an amazing ramen recipe to warm you up –


I skipped the tomatoes and added a frozen veggie mix with broccoli and carrots and mushrooms and instead of blending it to make a smooth broth I just added the noodles at the end.

I also made some tasty sticky chicken – and since cooking two new recipes can be tricky with timing I cooked the chicken then the ramen and ate the chicken while I made the ramen since it was SO TASTY DELISH.


I also halved both recipes – and fresh ginger and cilantro really made a difference in both recipes. Mmm. Stay warm out there.

IMG_2458 IMG_2459 IMG_2460

Mushroom and Spinach Pizza with Shaved Parmesan

Uh huh. Yup.

Make some quick and easy dough – http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-homemade-thin-crust-pizza-recipes-from-the-kitchn-45499 – layer on some olive oil, then spinach, then mozzarella, then sliced mushrooms, then drizzle with some olive oil and salt and pepper and then shave some parmesan over the top and bake at 500 degrees until the cheese bubbles.


IMG_2180 IMG_2181

Curry Noodles

I’ve been seriously craving Thai. And I still had some noodles from making Pad Thai.

I saw this on Pinterest – http://danatreat.com/2011/12/big-curry-noodle-pot/

Mixed it with my other favorite curry sauce recipe – http://pinchofyum.com/red-thai-curry-sauce

So I added the peanut butter, fish sauce, and lime juice to the first recipe, as well as chicken and peppers instead of tofu. Super tasty.